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Collaborations & Partnerships


Moji is an adorable scottish fold catfluencer with odd eyes. Catfluencer means Moji is a social media influencer in the cat niche. We love to collaborate with innovative animal-friendly brands.


Instagram account

We have worked with brands promoting their products on our Instagram account before, our Instagram promotions have high engagement. We do have to note that we only promote products we believe in and are safe to recommend to our followers.

Do you want your cat niche products to be promoted on our Instagram account? Feel free to contact us via e-mail.


If you have a new product in the cat niche that you want us to test, you can send us the product and we will give our honest product review in our blog on our website.


We do professional indoor photography. We will deliver high quality engaging content for your website, print or social media.


We have experience with indoor filming and presenting brand products in the best possible way.

If you wish to collaborate with Moji please send us an e-mail explaining what kind of promotion you have in mind. Thank you.

Brands we've worked with...

Litter-Robot Charles BowTie Daniel Wellington